Our Digital Product of the Month is our new ebook & Audio Training

The Mindset Shift for Entrepreneurs

This book & training teaches entrepreneurs about mindset. Many of us talk about success but we don't talk about how to overcome the mindset that keeps us from getting there.  This book teaches you how to overcome impostor syndrome & shift your mindset for next level entrepreneurship

The Wealth Streams Academy Principles

We develop our training and course materials that focuses on practicality, personilization and proven techniques. Regardless of your level of experience, we try and help you get to where you want to be!

  • SIMPLE - Our courses are not over-complicated, and can be understood by anyone, even if you don't have a background in Finance or making money online.

  • SYSTEMATIC - We ensure that our courses are in order and provide you with a step-by-step process to achieve your goals.

  • SCINTILATING - Our courses are fun and excellent, two components we believe are vital in the learning process

Why you should take our courses:

Achieve Financial Freedom & fulfill your Dreams

  • Improve your Credit

    Lowering your interest rate means you will have more money for the things that you have wanted but couldn’t really afford

  • Increase your Income

    Create a secondary income stream, scale your side hustle into a 6 figure business, or start investing in stocks that provide an ROI.

  • Achieve your Financial Goals

    Stop overpaying for your purchases, buy the car that you dreamed of, or start buying instead of renting. rget

What users are saying about our courses:

“George Pitts is a teacher, leader and a great man of God. He's not going to teach or tell you something that he himself has not done. He is highly recommended from me. ”

Andrea Benson

“Love your Periscope Teachings. You are passionate about how to make money and share freely with others. You are a great teacher who knows how to break down your teaching to audience. Thanks for sharing, I have been following for a year. ”

Carol Meade

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